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     the dynamic duo

      A blend of jazz, r&b, roots 'n blues and a hit

      of adult contemporary...






















      The two musicians known as The Dynamic Duo are in fact that very thing. Dynamic. They are Ralf Buschmeyer and Corinne Plomish. When I sat down to listen to this pair, I was immediately taken by the ease they possess and the flawless delivery of their performances.

     The collective abilities as jazz and multi-genre guitarist, as well as seasoned singer, can’t be denied. There is no doubt they do this for a living.

      Corinne’s articulate improv abilities and soulful belting range are as accomplished as anyone I've heard.

      Ralf's playing abilities are exactly what his Guitar Player Magazine review states; 'Ralf's playing is as smooth as James Bond.'

      The two of them interact impeccably and the musical choices and material via their melodic sensibilities and unique repertoire honestly leave you breathless.  

     They both make their way through the jazz and soul repertoire like it was just another day.


                                                                         It’s seemless

                                     Do yourself a favour and watch them up close if you can.


      I was struck with the idea that even in an intimate setting, these two had the capability of enough depth of expression to rock out at any moment they chose.

     But discretion reigned supreme.  This duo is all about music; an unavoidable conclusion as you listen and take it in.

                                              They share something very special indeed.


      If you like Diana Krall, Steely Dan and John Mayer, with a mix of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, you’d be in the right place. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


                                                                                                                                    by Geoff Harkin


     Corinne Plomish has a list of credits that are as impressive as her outstanding voice having worked with the likes of Dan Hill, The Beach Boys, Dwight Yoakam, Billy Preston and Daniel Lanois. She has performed on The Arsenio Hall Show and American Bandstand with Dick Clark as well as a Royal Command Performance for Prince Andrew and The Duchess of York.


     Ralf Buschmeyer, a 2012 Hamilton Music Awards Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year Winner for his accolade winning CD, Jazzspeak, has worked with heavyweights such as Chris Potter, Cassandra Wilson and Sean Jones. He was the in-house guitarist for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s pop series, and has The Little Prince, Newsies and Next To Normal as additional credits, having performed with these theatre productions.


     Both of these artists known as The Dynamic Duo are well-known jazz educators. Corinne served on faculty at Calgary Alberta's, Mount Royal University for 10 years as Program Coordinator for General Programs and as a Jazz & Pop Voice and Theory instructor.  Ralf taught for the jazz guitar faculties at Grant MacEwan University (Edmonton) and Ambrose University and Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

He currently teaches at Heritage College in Kitchener, Ontario.


     In 2019 they relocated back home to their roots in the Greater Toronto Area where Corinne continues to teach voice, music theory and piano out of her home studio, and elementary music at King Alfred Academy Private School from Monday to Friday.

She performs on a regular basis in Toronto and surrounding locals.

     Ralf currently serves on the guitar faculty at Heritage College in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 


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