Corinne Plomish was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and is a musician/singer/songwriter who spans a multitude of genres having grown up with the likes of R&B, jazz, rock  and gospel influences. Her voice is recognizable in these styles as an artful array of easy listening and intense presence; if you've heard her, you know what she can do.


      Her career spans a quadruple decade of commitment having worked with some of the best, including Dwight Yoakam, Dick Clark (American Bandstand...yes she did the show!), The Beach Boys, Dan Hill, Alfie Zappacosta, Billy-Newton Davis, Billy Preston, Arsenio Hall and Daniel Lanois (Peter Gabriel,U2/Bob Dylan/Emmy Lou Harris et al).


    Touring and live were her commanders so to speak as she continues to share her experiences both as a working musician/vocalist, and voice/jazz theory instructor. Her piano background (having studied with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto both in performance and music theory) and jazz harmony and arranging (Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario) has availed a wealth of experience as a musician and singer.



     As well as being an accomplished musician, Corinne is a music educator and served on the Faculty at Mount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta) acting as Coordinator for the Vocal Department and a Voice/Theory Instructor for 10 years. This year she and her family relocated to the Greater Toronto Area where she currently teaches voice, music theory  and songwriting at The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


     Her days at the infamous Grant Avenue Studios with famed and world-renowned Grammy-award winning producer, Daniel Lanois(Peter Gabriel/Emmy Lou Harris)  helped cement the place and time where she learned her craft and honed her skills as a performer and session singer. Corinne lent her singing talents to two of the award-winning GTA's top 10 jingles of all time, 'Pizza Pizza and African Lion Safari'   in the greater Hamilton/Toronto area in the 80's.


     A royal command performance for Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson ( The Ontario Place Forum in Toronto) is also among her list of achievements.


    With a multitude of credits to her name, Corinne continues to be an incredible live performer. A love of music is ever present and her style displays a sense of undeniable seasoning. She will undoubtedly leave an impression of deep commitment to her craft, clearcut musicality and steadfast ability both as a vocalist and keyboardist.


           Corinne's soon to be released book will be available in stores and for download, as she embarks on her love of writing and embraces her long-awaited career as author.


         "The journeys are for us to live and experience. What a thrill to do what you



    Finally, music, she says, 'is a conduit to the insatiable desire for perfection in creativity and the incomparability of composure, if you can attain it. To sing and perform is tantamount to a lottery win when the surroundings are ideal.'


                                             Therein lies a dedication to

                                                     what is good in music.  

                                                            All kinds of music... as long as it's real.






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