"Where we love is home-- 

home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

       Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


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A story of faith and victory

     Most of you know me as a musician/singer-songwriter and music instructor and I've spent the better part of my life doing those very things. I've been blessed to have worked with a great line-up of artists, be it on concert stage or in a studio and have taught a great many up and coming musicians, preparing them for the professional world of music.


     The culmination of these experiences are ever flourishing and as I'm not the type of person to stay locked creatively for very long, embarking on a writing career was an inevitable transition into the rest of my life. 

       My journey as an author has brought me around an exquisite bend of fascination with the craft of storytelling, and into a fabulous haven of challenge and absolute joy. I have always written and wanted to pursue this for a very long time. My music career has simply enriched the whole process and given a wealth of knowledge into the beauty of artistic expression. 


         This new book, Dying To    Life takes you on a personal journey of not only struggle and strife, but of achievement and victory. Its grit is born out of a need to rise out of the ashes, come hell or high water. And that's just what happened; against furious odds.

Because it is personal, it's important to get it out there so that others who struggle will have hope that there's always a brighter day, and believe me, there always is.


    My desire for you as a reader, is that you will find serious comfort and happiness reading it, knowing that the 'rescue' did take place and put me on a path I will forever be grateful for. You should know that path is one I could never do a U-turn on. Its forward motion is set for me and I am better for having the opportunity to travel it. 


Dying To Life will be available

in retail stores (Barnes and Noble, Indigo/Coles and Amazon). Stay tuned!



                                             Corinne  Plomish







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